Vista Runs Slowly

As in last post I have mentioned few points about vista slow working. And here is more update about why Vista Runs Slowly. Again I can say that most of the time two major issues are registry error and virus issue() for windows vista running slow.

Hear are few more check list for why does vista run slowly.

1) First of all Disable the fancy high graphics Vista Interface and return to the "Classic" windows interface. To do this right click on the desktop and go to "Personalize" you can then click on "Theme" and change it to "Windows Classic".

2) Go to the Control Panel and hit "Classic View" on the left side panel, this will bring easy navigation.
Then click on the "Performance Rating and Tools" button.
This will provide lot of features for select / deselect to improve the windows vista performance. Uncheck the unnecessary features it may solve the vista runs slow problem.

3)Again on the left side click on "Advanced Tools" and go to "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows" somewhere at the bottom. Under the "Visual Effects" tab click on "Adjust for best performance".

4). In the same window under the "Advanced" tab you can choose the size of your page file or virtual memory size. This will improve the performance of vista but you require some technical skill to make changes to page file size otherwise it may disturb the working of the system. This will help to Speed UP Windows Vista .

5).You can also use performance tools in the Control Panel > Performance Rating and Tools to look for suggestions from Vista as to why windows vista is running slow. Check under the "Performance Issues" area.

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